Tools that you need most for Android Development

Android is one of the most popular operating system for developing simple and complex applications, games and other utilities for mobile phones and tablets. Founded initially by Android Inc., and ably supported by Google, which later bought it and took it under its wings. Since Google’s adoption of Android, it has grown leaps and bounds and became the no 1 development platform competing with Apple iOS. With a market share of 42%, Android has grown to this extent because it supports a lot of mobile devices whereas iOS supports only iPhones and iPads. Also since Android is open source and available for free, it is easier for anyone to get their hands dirty with Android and develop custom mobile applications.

Tools Android Development

Let’s look into some of the development tools required for Android development that are currently popular in the market:

1.Android SDK:

The Android SDK also known as the Android Software Development Kit, is one of the commonly used tools used for application development by most Android Development Services companies. The Android SDK comprises of all API libraries and tools required for any Android Developer to build new applications and also test and debug them.

To get started with Android Development, developers need to download the Android Development Tools (ADT), which provides you with all tools along with the Eclipse IDE. Previously, you need to download everything one by one, but with the advent of ADT, with a single download you can get all the tools including the following:

  • Eclipse IDE + ADT plugin
  • All Tools from Android SDK
  • Latest Android platform
  • All Tools on the Latest Android Platform
  • Android system image for the emulator (Latest version)

Android SDK

2.Android Studio

Android Studio is the latest and official IDE release by Android and has become popular among a lot of Android Development Services companies because it helps developers to create apps more quickly and increases the productivity and has replaced Eclipse IDE by all means.

Some of the important features available in Android Studio are:

  • The New Setup Wizard will allow you to setup the IDE and your development environment setting along with importing your existing apps into Android Studio
  • Import Google Code Samples to save time
  • Uses IntelliJ IDEA code editing functionality
  • Allows you to test across multiple screen sizes and API versions

Android Studio


Adobe AIR is a popular cross-platform development environment that supports multiple devices and platforms. But that doesn’t mean you can’t access the native features of each platform, with the help of AIR native extensions you can still access all platform specific features. Since it is a cross platform environment, it saves a lot of time and money from developing applications for different mobile operating system.

4.Titanium Mobile SDK:

A platform using the codebase from JavaScript, Titanium SDK allows Android Development Services to create rich, quality and top notch applications with the help of over 5000 APIs. Although there are some limitations in flexibility and complexity issues, Titanium SDK is still used by many developers as it helps to develop applications more quickly than building apps using native platforms

Titanium Mobile SDK