The Benefits of Online PC-DMIS Training

There is a growing discussion of the pros and cons of online courses as it becomes an increasingly popular way for businesses to train their employees. Some commenters argue that the Internet lacks an element of personal interaction, causing employees to lose their focus. However many programs have developed ways to compensate for the absence of live instruction, such as shorter segments. When it comes to training coordinate measurement machine operators, e-learning can be a cost-effective method that reduces lost productivity. Sending your operators out of the factory for days or week-long education courses doesn’t just equal travel and accommodation expenses. It also means that you may need to use under-educated operators or incur additional costs by bringing on contract measurement solutions.

E-training means that you can conduct sessions in-house and base them on your own schedule. Operators can still be available on-site whenever they are needed, causing minimal disruption to a factory’s productivity. With increasingly busy production schedules and demands, education on your own time may even be the only viable option. It’s also been noted that when personnel make their own pace, with the ability to repeat points they may have missed, they emerge stronger and more competent users. When education can be arranged around work and personal responsibilities, employees are often more receptive to it. Personnel are never keen on spending a week in an airport hotel away from their homes and families. Resistance to on-the-job learning can be mitigated by minimizing its personal impact on staff.

Buying online lessons also make it easier and more cost-effective to train multiple staff. Secondary specializations within a department mean that a factory won’t be caught without a competent operator for a specific program when one goes on vacation or takes sick leave. Again, this is where reference resources bring a significant advantage, as substitute staff can recheck any forgotten details. A flexible workforce is always a valuable asset that can ease the griefs of holiday scheduling.

One of the biggest advantages of online courses in PC-DMIS, however, is the option to consult with the program’s library. This provides “Just-in-time” learning, which means employees can access the precise piece of information they need to complete a task without sifting through hours of information that they don’t need right now. This method is ideal for software that is only occasionally used where retention can be an issue. Retention is one of the key failings of software education; according to measurement solutions provider CMM (Canadian Measurement-Metrology Inc.), employees walk away from all in-person software education with a mere twenty percent of the lesson retained. Online courses provide a go-to resource long after the initial learning phase.

This method also reduces information overload, one of the consequences of all-day or several-day classes. CMM has deliberately packaged its digital PC-DMIS course into ten to twenty minute segments, followed by a quiz to test for student retention. Small segments also make for more rapidly retrieved reference points and quick refreshers through the library. When you bring new staff on board, always consider e-learning as a time- and money-saver. CMM offers thoughtfully designed, thorough e-courses for various PC-DMIS products, including Portable and CAD++ at two levels. Contact a measurements solutions expert today to meet your personnel education demands.