Novel Technological Gadgets for the Holiday Season

People are always craving the recently released technology. From cell phones, to computers, to gaming devices, and more, our generation loves to explore novel technology. With the holiday season approaching, make sure you check out these awesome new devices for the tech heads on your shopping list!

If you enjoy Microsoft products, check out their newly updated Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book laptops. Starting at $899 and $1,499 respectively, the new Surface laptops can go from a laptop to a tablet in a snap, making them incredibly versatile. Windows 10 is included, and you can even use a Surface Pen on the screen to take handwritten notes, which is especially useful for any students in the family. It also helps reduce paper used in classes and your student-on-the-go will always have their notes easily accessible and well organized. To sweeten the deal, students and faculty get 10% off a Surface and any affiliated accessories.

Novel Technological Gadgets

For any gamers, check out the Xbox One bundles offered through Microsoft. Most start at $399 and the bundles include 2 free games. Depending on the bundle, you’ll get a variety of accessories, trials, games, and a wide variety of gaming space.

The Apple Watch is also a great gift! Fantastic for professionals who are constantly on the go with a high volume of emails, the Apple Watch will help them stay in the loop even when they’re not at their computer. Apple has also introduced the Apple Pencil for their iPad Pro, great for artists and students. The pencil itself is $99 – a perfect gift for someone who already has an iPad Pro and is excited to explore its capabilities. Also look into Apple’s ever evolving laptops and iMac desktops with beautiful displays and design capabilities, especially for your friends and family who love photography.

If you don’t want to purchase through the store, check out Amazon – an online retailer who has almost any of the technological devices you may desire. You can also find many of these items at stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. And most importantly, make sure you look out for any Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so you can save even more on any technology purchases for the holidays! You’ll have a happy wallet and an even happier loved one.