New Tissot Calibre, Redesigns the Chronograph

A brand new Tissot Automatic Calibre looks set to conquer watch aficionados after Tissot declared its arrival like a ‘redesign [of] the chronograph’.

The brand new calibre, which comprises just 184 components, is proof of Tissot’s ongoing dedication to both its historic the watchmaking industry heritage and new improvements.

The Calibre C01.211 is a good example of Swiss the watchmaking industry at its most concise. This ‘tribute to simplicity’ is definitely an automatic mechanical watch movement with integrated chronograph function.

The Tissot watches bearing this movement are certain to be considered a large hit with watch fans, following the entire Tissot corporation praised the mechanism like a technical masterpiece.

The C01.211 is really a type of efficiency and precision yet, despite its mastery of precision timekeeping making certain it’s faithful to Tissot’s concepts, somewhat it will stray from conventional actions.

The movement’s “pillar” design replaces traditional bars with metal dvds, which are affixed to home plate with a system of round support beams. Other unconventional facets of the movement range from the charge of the chronograph by cams situated around the dial side, the vertical disc-based coupling – which matches a way to reducing friction and overall degradation – and also the high-performance escapement material.

Aspects of the Calibre C01.211 (such as the pallet and escape wheel) mix materials acquired through the synthesis of chemical elements released from carbon and hydrogen physiques. These offer a number of benefits since they’re non-magnetic, light and combat deterioration.

The brand new chronograph movement isn’t the very first time Tissot watches have pressed the limitations of technology. Their own is really a lengthy and wealthy good reputation for accomplishments, dating to the 1974 Calibre Valoux 7750 and consuming such classics because the Calibre Lemania 5100 and also the Astrolon 2250.