Making the Right Choice of SEO Agency or Consultant

You are probably thinking about hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant or agency to help with the search engine marketing technique of your company. Luckily, you have many options out there to choose from but the numbers could overwhelm you so read on make a smart choice.

How your Choice Affects your Company

It is imperative to consider first the effect of your SEO choice on your company. Some marketing areas may end you up losing your initial investment in a service when you choose the wrong agency or person. In terms of an SEO agency or consultant, picking the wrong agency or person leaves you with the following possibilities.

  • Choosing an agency which doesn’t get to know your business well could do things which could embarrass you in front of your clients, vendors and partners. Definitely, this could damage business relationships.
  • When you have previously ranked well for a keyword or phrase which resulted in leads or sales, you could lose the rankings for such keyword or phrase affecting your business revenue negatively.
  • When you get penalized by Google for implementing bad search engine practices, you should hire another agency or consultant to clean up the mess costing you more than your initial investment.

SEO agency or Consultant?

In terms of the SEO world, there are agencies and consultants that come in all sizes and shapes. Whether you pick an agency or consultant will depend upon various factors including trust and price. Other factors include the number of individuals you wish to work with and the personal relationship you aim to develop with that person.

Certainly, just because you pick an SEO consultant does not mean he always does the actual SEO work for your business. The consultant could be outsourcing a number of the work and supervise it.  Meanwhile, when you pick an online marketing agency like an SEO agency, you may talk to a sales person at first and to a project manager who supervises the people who do the actual SEO work.

How to Choose Them

Regardless of whether you pick an SEO agency or consultant, you can research them to know more about what they do and if they are perfect for the job. Consider these pointers.

Google Them

Use Google to research them and dig into result. Typically, this will reveal issues right off the bat, especially when you came across with a company or person that has a complaint on them. Also, your search will lead you to the main site, top publications, social media profiles, AMAs, podcasts and interviews of legit agencies or consultants.

Carry Out an SEO Check on their Site

Determine where the agency or consultant gets the most of their traffic. Check if their organic search performance gets better or worse. Does the agency or consultant rank for great keywords? Do they use paid ads and build links for their site? Additionally, see if they have been penalized by Google. Such little and quick checks can save you from hiring somebody who cannot even do great SEO for themselves.