Finish Your Christmas Shopping Early By Getting Everyone A Protective Vinyl Skin

Last year, your holiday shopping experience was a bit of a disaster. You hummed and hawed about what to get everyone on your list until, before you realized, it was Christmas Eve. Left to the very last minute, you ended up fighting for space in an overcrowded mall that was full of the other frenzied, last minute shoppers. You came home late with a bounty of questionable gifts that nobody asked for. To put it lightly, it wasn’t an experience you’re willing to relive. This year, skip the malls, crowds, and disappointment. Get your shopping done well in advance by shopping for vinyl skins online.

For those of you who don’t know what a vinyl skin is, it’s the latest innovation in digital device protection. Made out of genuine 3M vinyl, these skins fit over a variety of mobile devices like Nexus smartphones, MacBooks, and Pebble Watches. They adhere to the body of these devices much like a sticker would, but vinyl skins don’t rely on sticky residues that can leave behind gum on these valuable machines. Without overlapping or leaving huge gaps in coverage, they act as a second skin to any device. This outer layer absorbs the damage that could otherwise spoil Androids, Apple products, and other mobile devices.

The vinyl also creates an impervious layer, so spilled liquids don’t seep into vulnerable crevices and destroy advanced wiring. Water and other drinks simply bead against the vinyl to be wiped up at your convenience, which makes the covered device easy to clean of grime too. Even more beneficial than it’s easy-to-clean surface is that the vinyl provides a better grip to the covered devices. That means previously slippery Nexus phones, MacBooks, and other devices stay where they should be.

But Nexus skins, MacBook skins, and any other skin don’t just protect devices. They also transform the mobile phone or computer into a totally unique looking device. That’s because quality made 3M vinyl can be altered to take on vibrant colours and interesting textures. A boring, old Nexus 4 can suddenly become new again with a warm colour scheme of orange, yellow, and red. A MacBook Air can be renewed with a matte black and bright green skin.

You can go online and find a variety of colour and texture combinations that will impress those on your shopping list. To find the best selection, don’t rely on pop-up kiosks in the mall. You can’t prove anything about the durability of their skins. When you shop online at quality skin retailers, you can vet each company you come across to ensure your loved ones will get the best fit and style of skin. The company you choose should have a precise cut down to the millimetre like dbrand. On their website, their engineers have perfected blueprints for all of their skins until only the best fit is made. And their build-a-skin feature allows you to see what each colour and texture looks on any device in real time, so you don’t have to guess about any of the great holiday gifts from dbrand.

Once you’ve played around and found the exact combinations that each of your loved ones would prefer, you can simply order a whole group of skins at the same time. And then you’re done. With only a few clicks, you’ll have completed your Christmas shopping without ever having to step into an overcrowded mall. Now that’s a Christmas miracle!